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4 Tips to Help Protect Seniors Citizens Against Fraud

Seniors can often be an easy target for identity theft and fraud. Read some great tips here to help protect your loved ones. 

Why Some Seniors Lose Their Hearing

Have you had a lifetime of exposure to loud noises? You could be at risk for age-related hearing loss.

Simple Chair Exercises For Seniors

Do you remember the show Sit and Be Fit?? There is a reason it was so popular. It works! Don't let instability stop a senior from getting a great workout. Here are some chair exercises that are safe, effective, and can be done just about anywhere

Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver Burnout affects everyone in the family. It needs to be addressed and taken care of. Here are some great tips on how to recognize the signs and take care of the caregiver. Let All Seasons Home Care help you. Whether it's running errands or doing dishes we can design a plan that works for you and your...

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