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What do we do here at All Seasons? A whole lot! Here is a list of our services. Is there something you need that you don't see here? Please call us at 925-226-2884 and we can talk about your specific needs. Or visit us at

5 Ways Technology Can Benefit Seniors

Although millennials are largest users technology, it can be easy to overlook the opportunities computer and mobile devices have to help those 65 and over. Today, 60 percent of seniors are online, growing at more than six percent every year. As technology adoption rates increase among this demographic, below are five ways technology can be used to improve...

Tips For Staying Sharp as a Senior…

Here are some great ideas for keeping the brain sharp as we age.

Music Therapy for Dementia

Dementia can be a debilitating disease. There has been leaps and bounds made in treatment in the area of music therapy. Read more about this exciting progress here.  Please call us with any questions at 925-226-2884 or visit us at

Senior Eye Health

Thanks to greater senior eye health awareness and new screening and surgical techniques, debilitating vision problems like cataracts are on the decline in older Americans Learn more about senior eye health HERE.

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