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How To Talk To a Parent About Driving

Foods Can Interact With Your Medications

Over 80% of seniors take at least one medication. We all know the dangers of medication interactions. But some foods can actually cause issues with medications as well. Find the list and info here.  All Seasons Home Care

Dangers of Seniors Living Alone

The results of a decades long study from the University College London on the impact of loneliness and isolation has shown that both loneliness and infrequent contact with friends and family can, independently, shorten a person’s life. Learn more about the dangers of seniors living alone.

Top 10 Reasons Seniors End Up in the ER

Seniors have specific challenges that often lead to ER visits. Take a look at this list and what you can do to help avoid a visit. Do you have questions about senior home care? We can help! Please give us a call at 925-226-2884

Keeping Seniors Connected…

This interesting program is happening in Japan. Would something like this benefit us here? Do you need in home senior care? All Seasons Home Care can help! Give us a call at 925-226-2884 or visit us at

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