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Senior Citizen Flu Prevention

Getting the flu can be a nasty experience, no matter what your age or general health, and each year flu shots are a major public health initiative. But, because of the risks to the elderly, senior flu prevention is especially important. Read more on how you can help prevent the flu with your elderly loved ones.  If your loved...

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The Top Caregiving Challenges

Many of us will become the caregiver of a parent or loved one. It's a rewarding endeavor, but it can be filled with enormous challenges. Be prepared by recognizing some of the difficulties that caregivers encounter:

10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

Are you prepared to handle difficult decisions on behalf of your aging parent? Do you know what legal planning you should have in place? You can’t predict when something might happen to your aging parent, so preparation will help in making legal and medical decisions for your loved one. Here are 10 questions to ask your senior parent...

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