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Caring for an Elderly Family Member at Home

When it’s time to start caring for an elderly family member at home, our experienced team has you covered. Review this page for advice and resources when preparing to care for an elderly person at their home or yours. 

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When you need respite care, All Seasons Homecare offers the very best in Alameda and Contra Costa County senior services. We support Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and surrounding areas by providing exemplary care for the elderly in their own homes. 

Home Updates for Safety

Preparing your home to best meet the needs of an elderly family member can help to prevent falls and accidents.

Completing some basic home updates can be very helpful. Look for things that could be dangerous in the home, and consult our trained professionals for expert advice.

house with wheelchair ramp

Consider accessibility and ease of use in your safety plan:

  • Shower stability bars and a raised toilet seat
  • Washer and dryer on the ground floor
  • Slightly wider doorways and halls if possible
  • No step entryways for individuals who need to use walkers, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, or other medical equipment.
  • If you cannot remove the stairs in an area of the home (including the porch), consider a lift or a ramp to assist.
  • Brighter lighting and easy-to-use door knobs and handles
  • Simple remote controls and easy-to-read thermostats
  • Outlets and switches that are easily within reach
  • Countertop heights that are variable or leveled.
  • A first-floor bedroom and bathroom (or an elevator to reach the upper story of the home) is preferable. 

Alert and Support Systems

Health tracking tools and medical alert systems can be a great benefit to your loved one. It is important to monitor their nutrition and hydration levels since they likely have less self-awareness.

Motion sensors or a smart home security system allows you to choose when doors are locked and unlocked. You (along with our caregivers) can monitor when your loved one gets out of bed on their own.

It is important to know when a senior gets up from resting, as that is the time an accident is more likely to happen. Alarms can alert you, or the All Seasons Homecare caregiver, that someone has gotten up from either using the bathroom or taking a nap.

When there is an alert of movement, your loved one’s caregiver can be one step ahead to assist that person and be vigilant to help prevent a fall. These alarms can also notify you of any unusual movement within the house.

In addition, our home care provider team is available around the clock, 24/7 in case you have questions or need immediate assistance.

Our caregivers are happy to help you keep track of medications, assist with transportation to doctor’s appointments, prepare nutritious meals, and more!

Reduce Chances of Falls

senior woman holding cane prevent falls

One of the most distressing things for an elderly person to go through is a difficult fall. Bones are more brittle and can break, which may result in the consideration of a hip replacement or other surgery. The body also takes longer to heal in one’s elderly years.

It is important to keep the safety of the home a high priority. Using the alarms mentioned above as well as basic mobility aids such as wheelchairs, lifts, walkers, shower chairs, and canes can be critical to a senior’s safety at home. These items are all too often overlooked in importance but can be incredibly helpful in reducing the chances of your loved one falling. 

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