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“Finding a reliable homecare professional is very essential to your families happiness. All Seasons Homecare is the right answer to help you meet your needs & will help to solve your problems with regards to home care. Jenna and the office personnel are really responsive & dependable all the time; whenever you need them. They are highly recommended, dedicated & caring in helping elders live in a better quality of life.”

Josephine M.

“Thank you All Seasons for providing help and care for my parents for the past 2 years. As our needs changed, all seasons was adaptable as well. These past 3 months we had such wonderful care from Patricia for my father who has severe Alzheimer. I highly recommend working with Jenna to find the right care provider for your needs.”
Natasha L.

“Thank you All Seasons and your amazing caregivers that have helped us care for our aging parents! We appreciate your help more than you will ever know! You all have been courteous, helpful, patient, caring, and we are so thankful for each of you! Thank you for being there for us! We would HIGHLY recommend this company to care for your loved ones!”

Barb B.

They earned my respect and trust – I highly recommend them!

“I did not think I would ever need a service like All Seasons Homecare. When the time came, I figured that we would take care of my mother-in-law ourselves. We only lived a half mile away from her and could check on her whenever we needed to, take meals over and make sure that she was taken to her various appointments. Then last year hit, and life got complicated. My mother-in-law was in and out of the hospital. If we did not check on her every day, there was a possibility she might not eat “because she did not feel like it” or it was possible that her “brain fog” (build-up of ammonia levels) would become such that she was not making rational choices. Just when I thought that things could not get crazier, my husband (who had been doing the lion’s share of taking care of my mother-in-law) was admitted to the hospital. I was trying to work, take care of my husband and mother-in-law and keep things sane for my two kids. I was panicking, and I needed help fast!!!

All Seasons Homecare was recommended to me by a social worker friend who had had very positive experiences with the organization in her daily visits with people who used their services. As she said to me, “they are just simply the BEST, and you know I would not send you anywhere but the BEST”. She was absolutely right! Since I needed services ASAP, they set us up with round the clock care right away, and had someone at her house that evening to take the first shift. The person that came out was kind, considerate and caring and took care of business. (I would come to find out that every person that they would send our way had the same qualities).

Since my needs were so immediate, All Seasons was able to cover what I needed with various caregivers until we arrived at what would be our “regular schedule” with a consistent caregiver team. My mother in-law gradually got back to a place where she could take care of herself and we altered the schedule so that we still had caregivers, but not as many hours during the week. This pattern continued most of the year – my mother would be fine, then would need to be hospitalized due to her deterioration due to her chronic condition, so we went from needing 24 hour care to transitioning to less care as she was able to take care of herself. (Did I mention that my mother-in-law was VERY independent??!!).

I can’t imagine having to deal with my family and our scheduling nightmare – just as soon as we had something in place that was easy and everyone was happy with, we would have a need to change it. Jenna Hughes took care of us in every way possible to accommodate our craziness! I can’t say enough about how reliable they were. Because we were never certain when or what time the hospital would release my mother-in-law, we had caregivers on standby that we were able to call upon if needed or cancel if she was not released that day. It was AMAZING the way they were able to cover us in terms of care. When you think about the number of people involved and the uncertainty in which they operated and that they were able to make sure that we had exactly the care we needed, it is an impressive feat! Please also note that they are on-call 24/7 and respond ASAP!!! Gracious is another word that I would associate with Jenna. I never felt pressured to keep a schedule, and All Seasons never hinted at the amount of work that had gone into making something happen for me (and I know many times it was a LOT of work).

If they had just been reliable, gracious, or scheduling wizards, I would have been thrilled, but in addition to all that, they are genuinely kind and caring. Throughout the year Jenna called to see how things were going, sent e-mails keeping me informed and sent texts to check on us. She always asked how they could help when we had some kind of twist or turn in our circumstances.

My mother in law was not always the easiest person to work with, and I was very impressed with the caregivers that took care of her in the last year. As I mentioned above, they were kind, considerate and caring and took care of business. The caregivers all had different personalities, but made sure that she was taken care of in the best possible way by allowing her her independence when she was capable and stepping in when she could not handle things by herself. I would like to acknowledge a particular caregiver, Shawndrell, who was not only a caregiver to my mother-in-law, but a trusted friend to her in a time when she really needed a friend. Shawndrell may have saved my mother-in-law’s life several times in the course of her care by being alert to her changes and calling us when she thought something was off (she was always right!), and we were able to get my mother-in-law the care that she needed, which added many months to her life.

All Seasons Homecare has earned my respect and trust and I would highly recommend them”

Kristen J.

Amazing Service

“So, just when I thought we wouldn’t get another caregiver as good as the last, here comes Marie E. She took exceptional care of my dad, our cat and dogs! She came the day before so that I can show here some things. My dog was excited and right under foot. I told her my Dad’s dog would be there but we were taking ours to the boarder. Maria was not having it, she told me to leave her home instead. Not only did it save us a couple hundred dollars but it alleviated the worry of our dog being away from home.

My dad was so happy with Maria and seemed a little disappointed when she told him she wouldn’t be returning the next day because we were returning home. My dad, a man of few words said “She took good care of me!” This is our second trip out of town where we not one time worried about my dad. Maria went the extra step by cleaning up dog poop in the garage even after I told her my Mother in law would stop by daily to do it. I forgot to ask my Mother in law to take the garbage cans out to the curb while we were gone. When Maria arrived one morning she noticed the cans on our cross were to the curb (the have pick up the day before ours) she called my Mother in law and asked what day is garage day. My MIL told her it was the following day and she would come put the cans. Maria told her she would be happy to take care of it. Maria took them out and brought them back up to the house. I hope Maria will be able to come next month for a trip we have planned. In a business where the turn over rate is high and some people are not always in the line of work for the right reasons, I can honestly say, All Seasons, you have a gem in Maria. My family and I are so very thankful that you matched her with us!”

Paula R.

Caregivers that Care

“When we decided that my 85 year old Mother could no longer live alone in her home safely……. I didn’t know where to turn.

Mom’s health had been on the decline for the last few years. Her memory became so poor that she required supervision with most everything. A friend of mine (who happens to be a Medical Social Worker) recommended All Seasons Home Care.

What a great experience!

They are professional, service oriented and attentive. There was never a time that I could not reach one of them and speak with them directly…..never. The service provided was excellent.

The caregivers were very kind and caring. Jenna seemed to “hand pick” caregivers that would be a good match for Mom based on the initial in home assessment.

I was very pleased with All Season’s Home Care. They truly made a difference!”


Amazing part-time care

“All Seasons Homecare has been working with our family since June 2012. I have been happy with the caregivers we have had but have also learned along the way some valuable information. When working with an agency, let them know up front exactly what type of help/assistance you are looking for. If something is not to your liking, let them know.

Jenna is more than happy to help guide you through this process and make necessary changes. It’s a process not only for your loved one, but also yourself in communicating the needs.

My mother has dementia/Alzheimer’s’ and needs more babysitting than physical care, but we only have help twice a week. We have had about 4 different care givers and each of them have been wonderful. I feel very fortunate to have this assistance. Most care givers want to work 5 days a week, so having someone part time can limit your options; we have been very fortunate. I love the fact that if the caregiver can’t make it, All Seasons finds someone to substitute so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute.”

Corrine F.

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“Wow! The service my family has received from Jenna at All Seasons has been wonderful. It’s difficult when a parent gets to the point where they need help, so their knowledge and expertise in the field really helped put our minds at ease, and their prices were very competitive.

The caregiver they sent to work with my Mom is experienced and friendly, which really helped my VERY reluctant Mom relax and adjust to having the help she needs. Highly recommend All Seasons!”

Patricia R.

“All Seasons Homecare was amazing in helping me navigate my husband’s journey. They not only helped me by keeping him company so I could leave him safely, they also held my hand and helped me navigate my way through his end of life.

I will be forever grateful to Jenna and her team. Cynthia was an awesome caregiver. I would use All Seasons and highly recommend their services.”

Barb B.

“All Seasons Homecare did an amazing job for my mother in law. They were able to place 24 hour care in her home within 24 hours. The long term care giver they placed at their home was a perfect match for my in laws personality and needs.

It is always a scary experience when someone needs 24 hour care for a short time and All Seasons just jumped right in! I highly recommend their services and will call them again if I need help for my mother in law.”

Kirsten D.