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As a loved one ages or a friend or family member deals with chronic disease, their physical needs are often top of mind. At All Seasons Homecare however, we know that the mental and emotional well-being of our clients is just as important as their physical well-being.

The beautiful thing about private in-home senior care is that there are automatic built-in benefits for emotional well-being when someone is able to stay in his or her own home rather than being moved into an external care facility. Check out some of the positive consequences of choosing in-home caregiving services for your loved one.


#1. The Familiar is Comforting

When people are struggling with physical health ailments or simply facing the challenges of going through the natural process of aging, there can be a great deal of frustration around the physical aging process or progression of the disease. While it is obviously important that each person has his or her physical needs met, when those needs can be met in their own home, this often increases emotional well-being significantly. 

Home is typically a comforting place, and the memories it is filled with compound the familiarity and nostalgia. If your loved one is dealing with a condition that robs them of their memory whether that be dementia, Alzheimer’s, or just the natural aging process, it can be beneficial to place photos around the house of loved ones gathering in that very home. By having their family and friends depicted in a familiar setting and remaining in that setting themselves, there can sometimes be an increase in overall feelings of peacefulness, groundedness, and familiarity.


#2. Consistent Companionship is Critical for Mental Health

For each and every human being, companionship and social interaction is a critical piece of emotional and mental well-being, yet in traditional care home settings, there are often many residents per employee, and because of this, clients may not receive the one-on-one social interaction that they need and deserve. When you hire a private, in-home elderly care giver,  that person can be fully present and focused on meeting the needs of your loved one within his or her own home environment. 

Part of those essential needs include social interaction and companionship. Our professionally trained caregivers are not only well-versed in physical care tasks, such as helping your loved one to bathe, dress and prepare meals, but they are also willing and ready to participate in social activities to stimulate the minds and connect with the hearts of those they care for. Whether that means sitting and having a conversation, cooking a favorite meal together, playing a game, or doing a favorite activity, like a puzzle, craft, or listening to music, our caregivers know that human interaction is part of the basic needs we all have.


#3. Family and Friends Can Visit at Any Time

With traditional care home settings, it’s not always possible to have visitors come at any time due to a limitation on visiting hours or the facility being short staffed. For those who receive private in-home senior care however, visitors can come anytime. Whether a grandchild wants to come over and spend time with their grandparent, a neighbor wants to stop by for a visit, or a family member wants to drop off a meal, the in-home caregiver can simply coordinate with family and friends to set up a schedule that works best for the client. 

Caregivers can help tailor visits around the client’s napping or meal schedule as well and can also help prepare the house for a visit with some light cleaning, cooking, and housework. Being able to see friends and family whenever they’d like can have enormous benefits for the person being cared for, and All Seasons Homecare, our in-home caregivers are ready and willing to help make that happen. 


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