happy senior woman and her caregiver enjoying nature

There are few things as good for one’s body and mind as spending time outdoors in nature. Those who benefit from age in place home care can enjoy the myriad of positive health aspects of spending time outdoors, along with their caregivers. 

Numerous studies over the years have shown that getting outside and spending time in nature is beneficial for: 

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Emotional stability
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Reduction in fear
  • Increased peacefulness
  • Enhanced focus
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Vitamin D stimulation
  • Stress relief
  • Connection with others


Nature Exposure Increases Quality of Life

For both healthy seniors, and those experiencing lifelong health issues, it is important to make time to be present in the great outdoors. Enjoying nature could be in the form of a leisurely walk, visiting the beach at California’s beautiful East Bay Area, or simply sitting on the porch and listening to the nearby sounds of nature. 

Being outdoors grounds human beings and connects them to their roots, bringing an overall feeling of well-being and peacefulness. These benefits can even result in a reduction of pain. 

Make it Part of Your Routine

For an elderly loved one, close friend, or relative receiving at-home care, it is critical to build a routine into the day for the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Be sure to incorporate some time outside into their schedule even if the senior is not very mobile on their own.

Whether they are relaxed in their wheelchair on a stroll through the park, burying their toes in the sand, or reading stories with their caregiver in the backyard, it helps to improve the mood and mental health of both in-home care seniors and their caregivers as well. Spending time outdoors together can also improve relationships between caregivers and clients and help to aid trust, happiness, and an overall feeling of stability. 


Bring the Outdoors Inside

If it’s not possible for someone to get outside in nature on a daily basis, bring the outdoors inside to them! Create a green space in an apartment or home by adding lush, green plants and flowers, opening windows to let in sunlight and fresh air, or even bringing artwork of the outside world indoors. Creating an indoor green space or small garden can allow for a little retreat into nature even when stuck indoors. 

Creating an indoor “green” space is wonderful for those who have access to the outdoors as well. On days when inclement weather arrives, the indoor space can be utilized as a backup. At All Seasons Homecare in the Bay Area, we have a plethora of natural outdoor wonders right at our fingertips to share with our clients as they enjoy the tranquility of their home, gardens, and nearby parks. 


Right in Our Own Backyard

With the Walnut Creek senior in home care services provided by All Seasons Homecare, we enjoy helping to enhance our clients’ lives by being intentional about seeking the peacefulness and well-being that nature promotes. 

Whether it be a day taking in the fresh ocean air and the sound of waves near any of the East Bay beaches, a visit to one of our many beautiful parks, a stroll down to a nearby coffee shop, or bringing some wildflowers inside from a local farmer’s market, there are innumerable ways we can help our clients and their loved ones increase their feeling of happiness and reduce stress and anxiety. 

The All Seasons Solution

At All Seasons Homecare, we proudly provide a variety of different Contra Costa County senior services right in the comfort of your own home. We offer everything from short 4-hour visits to 24/7 care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and help with personal care needs such as bathing, medication reminders, and dressing. 

Many of the services we provide can be altered to allow the client to experience the type of care they prefer. Whether they like to eat dinner outside on their patio or would like to have a morning nature walk built into their routine, we can work with both our client and their family to ensure that we meet their desires to connect with the outside world. 

By encouraging time outdoors, All Seasons Homecare’s expert staff members can actively work to increase both the mental and physical health of each and every family we serve. 

To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment to meet with an in-home care specialist, give us a call today at (925) 363-4900. We look forward to helping our clients enjoy the later season of life with time in nature, appreciating both the great outdoors and our special connection to it as human beings.