caregiver with person in wheelchair nature walk

December is often a time filled with loved ones, visits from friends, tasty meals, and delightful holiday gatherings. For all of us, and especially the elderly, early January can feel exceptionally bleak and lonely as everyone returns to school, work, and the routine business of normal life. But, this year can be different. 


You can help your elderly loved ones begin 2023 with joy and excitement by focusing on the physical, social, and intellectual activities caregivers can help facilitate in the new year. At All Seasons Homecare, we provide the very best in Walnut Creek senior home care and offer services to care for the mental, physical, and social well-being of all of our clients in the Bay Area.


Physical Activities for the Elderly


Part of a caregiver’s job is to keep those they care for physically healthy. Supporting physical health can be through activities they both come up with together. By helping to facilitate and actually participate in a physical activity with an elderly person, the caregiver can help bring a sense of excitement and community to their relationship. Physical activity is also known to help stimulate the mind and improve one’s mood, releasing endorphins that spur happiness and a sense of overall well being. 


Some of the physical activities a caregiver may help with include:


  • Taking walks in nature (or pushing someone in a wheelchair on a walk)
  • Working with their hands to do needlepoint, knitting, or sewing projects
  • Playing a game like charades or singing karaoke together
  • Clapping or dancing gently along to music
  • Doing light exercises, stretching, and careful strength training together
  • Driving them to a senior swim class 
  • Cooking or baking in the kitchen together 
  • Planning and doing an art project together
  • Planting or tending a garden 


Social and Mental Wellness Activities Caregivers Can Facilitate


Because of age, illness, and physical disabilities, sometimes it is difficult for an elderly individual to participate in certain physical activities. In that case, social and mental activities become even more paramount to well-being. Here are just a few ways that our caregivers at All Seasons Homecare provide the best Contra Costa County senior services in the area. 


Together, the caregivers and individuals they care for can:

  • Plan luncheons or get-togethers with small groups of family and friends
  • Participate in a community service event such as being an “adoptive grandparent” for a local school group or class
  • Listen to favorite music together and sing along
  • Do crossword puzzles or word searches
  • Write letters or Facetime family and friends
  • Complete a puzzle or play a trivia game 
  • Watch a favorite movie or TV series together 
  • Making a recording of stories from the past to give to family (recall helps memory retention) 


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